Warranty Policy

Traxdata product labeled with “Key 3 Spirit” is assurance the “Quality”, “Performance” and “Reliability” to meet the highest standard. We provide our customer 1~5Years product limited Warranty Service differs from product category.
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DRAM Modules
All DRAM memory modules have a limited 1years lifetime warranty

Gaming Mice
A period of one year from the date of purchase by the original end user customer

Gaming Keyboards
A period of one year from the date of purchase by the original end user customer

Gaming Headsets
A period of one year from the date of purchase by the original end user customer

Power Supply
All power supply have limited 2 years lifetime warranty
Traxdata will provide a repair or replace same grades with a defect-free product of the same grades. If the product is out of production, the defective product will be replaced with same or similar grades which in event that any defect related to the materials or manufacturing of product is found within the limited warranty period.

Traxdata will provide a free repair service within limited warranty period. The buyer shall pay for the materials and repair if out of the limited warranty period.

The limited warranty period is running from the date of invoice or bill . If Buyer lose the invoice or bill , the warranty period will be running from the date of product delivery order by searching from product series.

Inapplicable Limited Warranty Conditions
Damage caused by natural disasters (floods, fires, etc.), irresistible force (impact, corrosion, etc.), or problems that resulted from abuse and misuse.

The product has been serviced, repaired or modified by personnel who is not authorized by Thermaltake.

Labels have been modified, defaced, removed, or damaged.

This warranty does not cover problems or damage resulting from, but not limited to:
• Wear and tear from normal use
• Any modifications, abuse, accidents, misapplication, or unauthorized repair
• Any improper operations, including any use not in accordance with the supplied product instructions
• Connection to any improper voltage supplies
• Any other cause not related to a product defect in materials or workmanship
Except where prohibited by applicable law, any implied warranty on Traxdata hardware products is expressly disclaimed.

Data Recovery
We recommend you back up all data and remove all confidential, proprietary, and personal information. Traxdata is not responsible for backing up or recovering any data you have lost when using Traxdata storage devices.

When a storage device is returned to us, the first thing we do is perform low-level erasure of media in the device at a secure Traxdata facility. If erasure is not possible, the storage hardware is destroyed. Traxdata employees will NOT check if data recovery is possible.
Traxdata product is not authorized to use as the life-maintain machine or its parts, or any others using which will cause personal damage or death by defect of product.

Traxdata is not liable for anyone’s death or damage or any object’s damage when product is using as, include but not limited, military equipment, traffic equipment and medical equipment. Please connect Traxdata with written notice for further search for adequately parts. This covenant is not to limit or eliminate the liability for personal death or damage caused by Traxdata’s negligence.

Traxdata is only liable for limited warranty service of Traxdata product. Traxdata is not liable for other damage or loss of time, interest, commercial opportunity due to using defect product of Traxdata.
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